Project Management

Today’s large, integrated systems require expertise that is much more than general technical knowledge.  Projects may include infrastructure, construction, site familiarity, administration, extended partnerships and working relationships as well as extensive planning and complete 360-degree knowledge of the operating environment. The commitment levels that a properly planned project requires may well be above the day to day operations of a technician or engineer, who should be focused on ensuring that their tasks are completed in support of the overarching project planning.

Having the right experience and the right skill-sets on task is enhanced with proper project planning. Total Technical Solutions has highly skilled Project and Contract Managers, that are not just boot camped trained certificate holders, but individuals and teams that have been on the ground working in austere locations ensuring successful project completion. Along with these key people, we are able to offer training in the following areas as well as the hardware support to build a complete and successful project office that will make any project successful.

  •  Project Management (PMP)
  •  Planning and Project Management
  •  Independent Verification and Validation
  •  Operations & Management Consulting
  •  Business Process Management
  •  IT Solutions & Services
  •  Documentation Management



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