My Advice to a Non-IT relative – Below is my advice to a Nephew in law about how to break into IT.  You have to be motivated and eager to learn, but this advice has no age limit, racial boundary or religious preference, all there is to it is  to do it.

Start with the network plus, here is the book I recommend off Amazon.

Also there is still a fair amount of manual labor, just mostly in highly air conditioned server rooms, unless it’s a new install and then its Hot but not like Baptist church hot in middle of summer.

Here is the test information on Comptia’s website, Comptia is the organization that tests for the Network +, basically any test with “+”

You will also need to register at Vue to take the test, you can do this now, just register to get an account with Vue not pay for the test until your ready, but do register now:

Next you will want the Security + test, do not study for both of them at the same time, do it in sequential order Network then Security Plus.  The stuff you will learn with Network Plus will carry over a little to the Security Plus test.  Each test is 309 dollars, well at least the Security Plus is, not sure on the network Plus, but plan for 309 dollars and if it’s less then cool.

The goal is to get a couple quick, relevant certs and then start looking for work at a NOC (network operations center), help desk or similar place that will allow you entry level and build your skills.  Once you get to this point then you start working on the real certification path, which we will go over when you get there.  Plan on at least one year with this entry level position to be relevant.

IF you hit the books hard you can have both certs in under two months, time and money permitting.  Then once you get in with a company use their education benefits to pay for the next line of tests after the two already mentioned.  “Got to want some to get Sum” 🙂 (Note: This is my signature comment, don’t Y’all steal it with out reference to the author)

Well that’s about 1.5 years of advice and guidance for you now it’s up to you.  Once you get that experience for one year then go to Amazon and buy my book and I will pull you in to the dark side, muahahaha…govt contracting, getting a security clearance…etc.  So stay out of trouble and get that first book.

My Book:on Amazon

This is a good solid, proven way to learn IT skills and break into the industry.”

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